The fine gentlemen at Maud developed this brand identity for Project 49, a winery established by one of Australia's most respected sommeliers Rocco Esposito and his wife, Lisa Pidutti. They invited me to illustrate the unique ecosystem of the vineyard as it changes from year to year, representing the essential relationship between place and the evolving characteristics and terroir of the wine.


Agency Maud


Boutique White Wine Label of 2012 Australian Boutique Wine Awards
Packers Award Australian Boutique Wine Awards

Growing a wine label

1. Basic illustration structure.
2. First sketch, in pencil.
3. Indicating illustration mass.
4. Second sketch.
5. Refining second sketch.
6. Further refinement of second sketch.
8. Further refinement of outline.
9. Further refinement of outline, in pen.
10. Digitally coloured illustration.
11. Final illustration printed with gold foil and metallic gold ink.