WeCo Sydney is a coworking space where hungry start-ups go to nurture their ideas into billion-dollar social network acquisitions. When the WeCo folk invited me to contribute a mural it seemed appropriate then to devise an apparatus for the more obscure, left-of-field start-up ideas that required more obscure, left-of-field attention to get off the ground.

So, the WeCo Incubator Ingenious popped into being. It was built with all the very best tools, ingredients, 'facilities', practical know-how and pub trivia IQ staples to help incubate, grow and hatch even the most reluctant ideas (Guaranteed!). An interface is used to control incubation, social networking and product launch, moving ideas through an odd concoction of levers, pulleys, pipes, tubes, vital wingnuts, shuttlecock lampshades, frustratingly-tangled curly 1990s telephone cords, tea-and-biscuit services, dexterous claws and the occasional chicken.


Photography Martha Zakarya
WeCo Coworking Space
2/100 New South Head Rd
Sydney NSW 2027

Process & development

1. Basic outline and pencil guidelines.
2. The final sketch.