I was recently accused by an old and relatively crusty family friend of looking like a bona fide member of the latte set. This seemed pretty rich coming from the weekend cafe-to-cafe lycra-warrior, but I had to admit that he wasn't far off the mark. Shortly thereafter, in a rush of self-conscious absolution, I travelled to Dubbo with journalist and good-mate Sean May to examine the perceived differences between city and country, between the latte set and its logical opposite. We set off in my parents' white Kia Rio hatchback to put ourselves in the proverbial lions den of country masculinity – the New South Wales street stocker racing titles. Fortunately for us Sneaky Magazine decided to run with the idea and put our observations in print.


Journalist Sean May
Publication Sneaky Magazine
Editor James Branson

Location Morris Park Speedway
Corner Obley Road and Belowrie Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia